Spring 2022 SOWK 322 Class 16 Weekly Email

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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn:

Week 16 we bring to a close this class. I hope it has been a helpful class, and you have learned a lot! I was able this weekend to go through and provide feedback from the activist paper to everybody who submitted it. I hope that it is functional. Everybody did well, and there were a lot of really great pieces. I try to put a lot of feedback and even positive comments. Make sure to look at the feedback form and the paper you submitted with my comments. This week there is a chapter to read, and I would encourage you to dive into learning about social and recreational support for persons with disabilities.

  • Learn about social support and recreation for persons with disabilities
  • Reflect on accessibility in our communities
  • Identify three things learned in the class
  • Complete Course Evaluations

Unit Assignments


  • Read Rothman’s (2018) chapter 21, “The Social Support and Recreation Network.”

A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

Students are to make at least one reply in each open forum this week. Remember, the expectation is to read all of the posts. Your responses can include another student’s reply if you contribute something substantial to the discussion. Be sure to post on two separate days to show engagement. The forums include the following:

  • I do really value feedback and want to be the best teacher I can be. To encourage this, one of the forums requires you to attest that you have completed your Course Evaluation.
  • I also want you to learn as much as you can. There is a forum, the Course Wrap-Up that I ask you to write three things you will be taking away from this class.
  • The forum, Chapter 21 Questions or Textbook Feedback gives some questions to consider in light of the reading. I also allowed this forum to be a space to talk about the textbook. I think the reading this week is good and valuable, but if you are done with reading just review the review the textbook, and that is ok (or if you don’t like the other questions).

A-05: Accessibility in Your Community Reflection Paper

A-05: Accessibility in Your Community Reflection Paper is a short reflective paper is due Friday 05/06/22 at 11:55 PM via My Heritage Assignments via file upload.

Extra Credit Options

A06a - Extra Credit - Crip Camp Film Reflective Paper and A-06b - Extra Credit - Disability Population Research Paper are due Friday 05/06/22 at 11:55 PM via My Heritage Assignments (see A-06b and A-06b) via file upload.

Unit Resources

To finding your course evaluations, students can use a computer or their mobile device to log in to MyHeritage, click on the Academics tab, and then click on CoursEval. As a reminder, CoursEval and requires that your pop-up blocker be turned off. I believe that you can also go to the following link (at least it works for faculty) - Course Eval.

To Do List