Spring 2024 SOWK 460w Class 06 Weekly Email

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Remember, no class this week. Let me know if you have questions or need any support. Otherwise, I will see you all next week.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week six provides students a time and opportunity to work with their agency to develop a logic model. There is a discussion forum for students to engage in topics related to real-world examples of logic models and ideas around rubrics for logic models. In class last week, students provided a peer review of their group work plans. If students want to make final editions to this plan before being reviewed by the instructor, they can do that this week. Students will also continue to work on their journals and submit their first draft of their agency logic model.

Unit Assignments


  • Kapp and Anderson (2010) Chapter Seven: Program Definition: Using Program Logic Models to Develop a Common Vision

A-01: Class Engagement and Attendance

You are to make two replies in the forums this week. There are two forums for you to engage in.

A-02: Chapter Reading Quizzes

Mistakes were made last week, and I included some question questions from chapter seven in your reading quiz. Because I didn’t include any questions for chapter five, that is the content of the quiz this week W-06 A-02 for Kapp and Anderson (2010) chapter(s) 5 (not 7) by Sunday 2/25. I am making it extra credit. You should still read chapter seven this week. I’m also extending the quiz from last week to be due at the end of this week. Sorry if you already did it.

A-04a Individual Weekly Journal Entries

You can find the assignment W-06 A-04a Journal Entry 02.

A-04b: Group Work Plan for the Program Evaluation

If you will make any additional changes to your group work plan, you can do so by the end of the week (e.g., 02/25/24). You can go directly to the Forum for Submission or go back to the week four page in My Heritage.

Assignment 04c: Agency Logic Model

Meta: Points 100 pts (10% of student’s final grade); Deadline Sunday 02/25/24 at 11:55 PM; Submission via a forum post on MyHeritage. Locations Assignment Submission and Syllabus Handout

Purpose: Developing a logic model is an essential part of program evaluation. The logic model will be included in the executive summary and presentation. Having students submit it individually gives them an opportunity to go through a peer-review process and have a superior final product.

Task: Group members will conduct interviews with staff working in the program they will be evaluating. The logic model looks at how a program is implemented through understanding the program’s resources, staff activities, program processes, and outcomes (often framed as immediate, intermediate, and long-range). There are several examples in the textbook.

Success: The logic model will be submitted by group members onto the forum. Grades are assigned based on the content of the logic model. Feedback for this assignment will be completed by mid-term grades submission, which is due by the faculty on Wednesday 03/20/24 at 5:00 PM.

Unit Resources

See forums for links to potential logic model rubrics.

To-Do Lists

  • Read chapter 7
  • Complete the reading quiz
  • Post two replies in the forums
  • Make journal entry
  • One group member submit a draft of your rubric.