Spring 2024 SOWK 460w Class 07 Weekly Email

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I hope you are all doing well. I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I don’t want to cancel class, but we are going to meet this week online via zoom. See link below to join.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

In week seven, we will continue considering our logic models submitted last week. We will be delving into how we develop a program description. When we write our executive summary, it will include your logic model as a figure, but there will also be a narrative description sharing the needs the program is addressing, the context of the program, what population served by the program, the stage of development of the program, agency resources/activities/outputs/outcomes/impacts. As students have been developing their program evaluation, they are encouraged to start considering these inter-related questions. The agenda for the class session this week is as follows:

  • A brief presentation about the MSW program by Dr. Juarez
  • Planning for presentations
  • Reviewing process for logic model development
  • Developing a rubric for our logic models
  • How we can develop a program description from our logic models

Unit Assignments


  • Kapp and Anderson (2010) Chapter Eight: Program Description: Evaluation Designs Using Available Information

A-01: Class Engagement and Attendance

Attend class via zoom.

A-02: Chapter Reading Quizzes

W-07 A-02 for Kapp and Anderson (2010) chapter(s) 8 by Sunday 3/3.

A-04a Individual Weekly Journal Entries

You can find the assignment W-07 A-04a Journal Entry 03.

Unit Resources

This weeks class will take place via Zoom. Join the meeting by clicking:


Meeting ID: 977 1852 7729
Passcode: 565779

I really value your feedback. Let me know how this course is going by completing your Midcourse Feedback Spring 2024 Survey for SOWK 460

During class, we will be developing a rubric for our logic models. There is a Google Document that everybody will need to be able to access Logic Model Rubric for SOWK 460w.

All of the presentations for this class can be found at https://presentations.jacobrcampbell.com. You can see this week’s slides at Spring 2024 SOWK 460w Week 07 - Developing a Program Description

You can find the recording of all of our classes in the lecture videos for this course.

To-Do Lists

  • Read Chapter 8 and complete the reading quiz
  • Attend class via zoom
  • Submit a journal entry