Spring 2024 SOWK 487 Class 08 Weekly Email

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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Week eight we will continue talking about group work and the dynamics social workers think about. The following is the agenda:

  • Group dynamics in social work facilitation
  • Ethics in group work
  • Planning and implementing of social work groups

Unit Assignments


  • Read Hepworth et al. (2022) Chapter 16

A-01: Class Engagement and Attendance

Attend Class

A-02: Reading Engagement and Check-in Questions

Complete the reading engagement and check-in questions at W-08 A-02 Reading Questions, which is due Wednesday, 02/28/24 at 5:30 PM. It is a couple of questions about the content in the assigned reading.

Unit Resources

There are three excerpts that of some texts that we will be using in class this week. They are attached to this week, but can also be found as the following:

All of the presentations for this class can be found at https://presentations.jacobrcampbell.com. This week’s slides are at Spring 2024 SOWK 487w Week 08 - Facilitating Social Work Groups.

You can find the recording of all of our classes in the lecture videos tab for this course.


Garland, C. (2010). The Groups Manual: A treatment manual, with clinical vignettes. In The Groups Book Psychoanalytic group therapy: Principles and practice (pp. 404-591). Routledge.

Goodrich, K. M., & Luke, M. (2015). Group counseling with LGBTQI persons. Wiley. https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119222774

Pawlukewicz, J., & Ondrus, S. (2013). Ethical dilemmas: The use of applied scenarios in the helping professions. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 10(1), 2-12. https://jswve.org/download/2013-1/articles(2)/2-12-Ethical%20Dilemmas.pdf

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