New and Fun Functionality

2 minute read

I’ve always been a little bit of a geek. That’s actually a little bit of why I’ve created this website in the first place… so that I could show off my geekyness a little bit. More than just knowing how to use computers at a slightly higher proficiency than average, I love all things technology. Every morning, I find myself getting a hot cup of coffee, sitting outside in the cold with my iPad reading the news and having a cigarette (I know it’s bad for my health, but I do truly love those moments). I use Google News you can even read the blog post I wrote about it a couple of years ago, Now You Can Read What I’m Reading.

With my commute having gotten longer, I’ve also been listening to Podcasts to take up some of the time. I’ve written a couple of articles about the Freakonomics Podcastthat I’ve been listening to. I’ve added to my collection of digital media to subscribe to, and have started also listening to the Life Hacker Podcast which doesn’t have exactly as great of production quality as the Freakonomics Podcast does, but it does have some great content.

One cool thing that I have started to implement due to listening to LifeHacker is using a really cool service called IFTTT (i.e. If This Than That). It’s a really neat service which automates a number of activities that we do online. For example, now, whenever I change my profile picture on my Facebook Account it will change my profile picture in my @campjacob Twitter Account. Because my Twitter account has been pretty left out of the loop in things and left under appreciated, it seems like a pretty cool service and I don’t have to do anything. There are tons of really cool automated activities you can have it do. These include anything from notifying you via SMS if there the CDC updates a zombie outbreak to a really useful service I am also using that makes when I post on my Instagram Account that it also posts the picture on Twitter with the image uploaded to Twitter so it actually shows up in my profile and not just the link which is what has been happening recently. I’m trying out a new feature which will hopefully post every one time I post a new blog post or image post or resources post it will also share that with my various social networking sites. All in all, I think it pays a little bit to be a bit of a geek.