Spring 2020 SOWK 487 Class 06 Weekly Email

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I hope that you are all doing well. I think class today should be a good one.

To be prepared for class, you should complete the weekly reading prior to class this week. This week the reading is:

  • Garvin et al (2017) Chapters 9-11

The reading this week reviewed three different approaches for group work related to purpose. These were:

  • Self-Help and Support Groups: Very related to the conversation we had regarding mutual aid groups and those concepts.
  • Psychoeducation Groups: groups which are trying to either provide education, skill acquisition, and or self-knowledge.
  • Prevention Groups: applying prevention concepts to a wide range of problems.

Today I want to spend time talking some about out prevention groups and psycho educational groups.

The agenda is:

  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Public Health Framework
  • Other prevention frameworks and models
  • Designing a school based intervention

The presentation slides can be viewed through Notist on my website, where you can download them and follow along during class.

View Week 05 - Cognitive Behavioral Group Work.

The presentation slides for last week can also be viewed:

View Week 04 - Group Practice Models - Mutual Aid.

We talked about Grounding Techniques in class. This comes from Lisa M. Najavits (2002) workbook on seeking safety. Winona State University offers a helpful worksheet that discusses the skills. You can see the Grounding Worksheet.

I also shared in class the curriculum that I adapted called the Dragon Slayers Trauma Focused Teen / Pre-Teen Group Curriculum, and you can look at that as well.