Fall 2022 SOWK 486 Class 06 Weekly Email

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Sorry that I didn’t get this to you all before class this week, but I’m still getting it to you afterwards. You can see below the slides as well as some supportive material I think is interesting and useful.

I’d also encourage you to provide mid-course feedback, see the SOWK 486W Survey.

If you want to see see more information about your paper that is due at the end of next week. You can see my handout for it - A-03: Theory and Practice Integrative Paper or the assignment page where you submit it. Only one member of your group needs to submit it.

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

The focus of week six for SOWK 486 is continuing our growth and engagement with communication skills. Last week we went deeper on authenticity or genuineness. We also started some focus on empathic responding. Week six is described as a lab day, because the intention is focusing on activities to help develop skills. The activities we will be doing this week include:

  • What’s you’ve learned so far
  • Teaching empathy to clients
  • Following skills
  • Sharing following skills
  • Practice with labeling empathetic levels
  • Practice implementing following skills

Unit Assignments

Attend class and participate.

Unit Resources

In our discussion about what we have been learning, we are going to loosely follow a restorative practices format of having discussions in circles. If you are interested in some of what this entails you can watch Core Processes of Restorative Justice Circles. We won’t be implementing every part, but it is a good primer.

We will be talking about teaching empathy to our clients. Stepien and Baernstein (2006) provide a meta-analysis of research which could be helpful.

You can find all of the presentations that I’ve done at presentations.jacobrcampbell.com. The slides for this week, Fall 2022 SOWK 486w Week 06 - Lab Day - Communication Skills

View Fall 2022 SOWK 486w Week 06 - Lab Day - Communication Skills.


Stepien, K. A., & Baernstein, A. (2006). Educating for empathy. A review. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 21(5), 524-530. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1525-1497.2006.00443.x

To Do Lists

  • A–01: Class Attendance and Participation: Attend class
  • Consider reading extra/supportive materials