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These weeks are going by quickly. Looking forward to this week. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you all!

Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

This class semester is going by quickly. For week seven we are reading and talking about the ethical responsibilities we have as social workers to our colleagues. We will also be looking at how we connect with the value of social justice.

Week 7 Objectives

  • Discuss the meaning of the NASW value of Social Justice in your life.
  • Understand and apply Ethical Standard 2: Responsibilities to Colleagues.

Unit Assignments


A–01: Asynchronous Participation and Engagement

For week seven, you must create at least two replies in the forums and post a video to the Flip video discussion forum.

A-02: Reflecting Biases Assignment Description

Meta: Points 50 points (8% of total points); Deadline Sunday 10/09/22 at 11:55 PM; Completion via My Heritage Assignments as an uploaded document A-02: Reflecting Biases Worksheet. You can find the Bias Reflection Worksheet.docx and this assignment description.

Purpose: A bias can be defined as prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. All humans have biases. As social workers, considering our biases and how they might impact our work is essential to provide ethical practice. This worksheet is to help students process their biases.

Task: The Reflecting on Biases Worksheet is a word document that students will download from My Heritage (it can be found in the assignment description). Complete the form and upload it to My Heritage Assignments. Students should understand that only the instructor has access to and reads this assignment, and students are encouraged to be truthful and reflective. It is not graded based on the biases you identify but on the depth of your reflection.

It asks students to respond to the following prompts:

  1. Identify a bias you have that you are likely to encounter in social work practice.
  2. Identify three reasons that you believe you have developed this bias.
  3. Identify how this bias might become problematic in social work practice if it is not addressed.
  4. Describe the importance of providing non-judgmental services as a social worker.

Success: Students will submit a completed worksheet on time that answers all the questions with thoughtful answers. The instructor will assign grades based on the Reflecting on Biases Rubric, which evaluates that students were able to identify, offer reasons for, and describe why bias might be problematic. It also looks at how students can express why non-judgmental services might be necessary. The instructor will include feedback and grades from the instructor in the mid-term grades, due by the instructor on Wednesday 10/19/22 at 5:00 PM.

## Unit Resources

I wrote a short essay, Depiction of Social Justice Needs through Theoretical Framing that talks about social justice and the need for the “implementation of social justice must include a description of the presenting problems, the ramifications and implications of those problems, and groundwork for what needs to change.”

You can see the online version of the NASW Code of Ethics.

I really appreciate feedback about teaching and my courses. There is an opportunity to provide mid-term feedback. I read the feedback and find it helpful. You can access the survey by going to SOWK 430 Survey

You can see the lecture video on PanOpto Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 07 - NASW Social Justice Priorities.

You can see the slides from any of my presentations at https://presentations.jacobrcampbell.com/. This week, Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 07 - NASW Social Justice Priorities

View Fall 2022 SOWK 430 Week 07 - NASW Social Justice Priorities.


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