Fall 2023 SOWK 486w Class 10 Weekly Email

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Unit Introduction and What You Will Learn

Planning is an integral part of the process of working with clients. As the adage goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” We can do a lot to help our clients plan, and even the process of teaching them to prepare can have positive long-term impacts. Today, we will look at goals and cognitive distortions and practice going through a six-stage process for planning.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Information about goals
  • The six steps in planning
  • Practice doing the planning process

Unit Assignments

A-01: Class Attendance and Engagement

Attend class

A–03: Reading Quiz

Complete W-10 A-02 Hepworth et al. (2022) Chapter(s) 12 and 13 reading quiz by 5:30 PM before class via My Heritage

Unit Resources

The slides for week 09 can found on presentations.jacobrcampbell.com.

You can find the recording of all of our classes in the lecture videos for this course.

To Do Lists