A Long Stinking Travel Day!

Posted on Wednesday August 20, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

 Passport to the world. A photo of my USA Passport that I took while I was sitting in the airport getting ready to leave for Europe. Passport to the world. A photo of my USA Passport that I took while I was sitting in the airport getting ready to leave for Europe.

We checked out of the Green Tortoise at about 11:00 am yesterday and left in search of breakfast and coffee. It seems that street vendors often have good cheap food. After sitting in the coffee shop across the street and planning out the route for the rest of the day. We found a Barnes and Nobel and a radio shack and took the bus to the Airport. We arrived about 3 and a half hours before our flight was scheduled to leave. There was nobody at the check in counter. When we went up to the office, they told us that they had no more flights leaving today. The situation worked out, the worker was just incorrect. It was frightening moment.

The plane ride from Seattle to Copenhagen was long (about 9.5 hours). I didn’t have a window seat or one of the sought after emergency exit seats. I did have a pretty German girl to talk to, although we aren’t planning on going to where she is from.

Finally we arrived in Denmark. Lots of people spoke English, and it was easy to figure out the train system to get into town (the airport is about 15 minutes outside of town). Food, beer, and looking in all kinds of neat little shops. It’s a pretty good life. Coffee was expensive though (maybe we were getting ripped off for using USD thought. It cost $10 to get two cups of drip coffee.

Our flight finally got into Berlin at around 8 pm local time. After not sleeping at all on the plan (meaning I hadn’t slept for almost 48 hours), it was tiring to find a place to stay. The train, bus system seemed intimidating. Less people seem to speak English, it was dark, and our packs where heavy. The first Hostel we went to was booked, but luckily there was a nice one a couple blocks from there. So until tomorrow afternoon we will be staying at the Meininger Hostel.

Beginnings in Seattle

Posted on Monday August 18, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

 How I left my room prior to going to Europe. How I left my room prior to going to Europe.

Today started our trip. After getting off work this morning, me and Trevor left to catch the bus. Neither of us really felt ready for the trip, and have stuff that we had to get done. I had hoped to have my house cleaned by when it was time to go. This obviously did not happen.We took the Greyhound from Spokane to Seattle… a stupid 7:30 minute ride. We didn’t know where we were going to stay, but found a pretty great hostel, Green tortoise Hostel. The room is clean, we have two other roommates (it’s dorm style). They had a great free dinner at which lots of the residents participated. I’ve met people already from Ireland, Australia, Japan, and Korea. They have some sort of activity everyday, today was a water balloon fight. The people seem pretty chill. Me and Trevor decided to wonder around Pike St. market and by the mall. We ended up at a pretty cool bar that had hundreds of taps posted on their walls. A pretty cool atmosphere.having not slept in about 48 hours, I think it is time to crash out and get ready to take off on our transcontinental flight in the morning.

Just About to Leave

Posted on Sunday August 17, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

I get off work in an hour and a half. In two hours I leave to take a 7.5 hour bus ride to Seattle. In one day I leave from Seattle and fly to Europe. The first leg of the journey is 9.5 hours, and lands in Copenhagen Denmark. From Copenhagen, it is a one hour flight to Berlin. Once in Europe I will be staying from August 18 till September 23 (five weeks). It’s a pretty exciting trip… but I don’t think it will really hit me until I’m actually there.

Site Overhaul Complete

Posted on Sunday August 17, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

Since purchasing this domain name, and transferring all of it to here I have been going to though and giving the entire site a brief overhaul. I’ve had relatively limited experience with PHP. Since migrating my data, I have reduced it dramatically by utilizing the php language for includes for all the material that I add into each page. I have also added added and made a complete section for research and evidence based practice (link no longer valid). In completing this section I even utilized some JavaScript for the specific menu.

More than I have gotten done, I am still on the learning curve for some other projects on the site. For example I am attempting to be able to have an include file for my menu structure. The only problem is that I don’t want it to be static. I have struggled some with trying to implement cookies using the setcookie() and the $_COOKIE functions in php. I have had difficulty knowing how to debug it.

This would all change based on what specific page the viewer is on. I also loaded the Google Maps API and have attempted to build applications both with that and google earth.

  • PHP: Pre Hypertext Processor

Weird Sleep Schedule

Posted on Thursday August 14, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

I think all of these overnights that I’m working is catching up with me. A couple of nights ago, I worked an overnight and then had stuff I had to do all morning. I didn’t fall asleep until like five or six pm. I think I was planning on just taking a nap, but slept until morning (like 12 hours). I just woke up from my most recent nap after working an overnight, going to sleep around one in the afternoon. Now it’s nine pm. I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do, because I work in the morning. Do I attempt to go to sleep again in a couple of hours… so I still get a decent amount of sleep because I just got like eight hours. Maybe I’m just trying to get ahead in my sleep so that I’m ready for Europe. Maybe I’m just crazy.

New Found Password

Posted on Wednesday August 13, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

 A photo of the overnight chair at the CRC. This is where I spend my hours at all night long. A photo of the overnight chair at the CRC. This is where I spend my hours at all night long.

I seem to work many overnights at the Crisis Residential Center. I think this might be due to the fact that I have a fairly hectic schedule and those are the hours that they can fit in with mine. I also think that many of the other support staff do not put the overnight shift on their availability as often as I do. I think that I might be a little bit crazy, but I’m really willing to work pretty much whenever right now. I think as my life changes, so will this priority… but thus far, I really don’t have a family to take care of. With these overnights, I have not been able to log onto the center’s wireless due to password. I finally thought about it (only 5 or 6 months later) and realized that I could get the password off of the staff office computer downstairs. Anyways, now I can actually work on my homework (though blackboard), my web design, or what ever else I need to do in my life. This comes not any too soon, because I work five overnights this week before I go to Europe.

Sending My Computer Away

Posted on Tuesday August 5, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

 A photo of the repair box A photo of the repair box

It might seem like I need to send my computer away, because I have been spending too much time on it. Currently my eyes and head hurt a bit, due to the fact that I have been spending hours and hours working on my computer. Currently I just finished wrapping my computer to be sent to HP Support, and writing a paper. I have had computer issues for the last several weeks. My wireless adapter is not working, something that will be vital in Europe. I thought at first it was a software issues (or drivers)… but after doing a complete system restore, this option was shown as not viable. Then I replaced the wireless adapter completely, but again no effect. This final step will probably do another complete system restore and either replace or re-image my mother board. Either way, I am currently stuck with a loaner computer from school and crossing my fingers that my computer will get back before I leave on my trip.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Posted on Sunday August 3, 2008 by Jacob Campbell.

It seems like a lot of parts of my life are just like the blackberry bush picture, not quite ripe yet. I feel like I have had a lot of different things in my life that I have lost recently. For example the dance instructor training, the depth of my spirituality (i.e. I haven’t been going to church as much as I think I should), some relationships… etc. I feel like I’ve lost a lot recently. Other than having lost things, I’m also waiting for other things, especially my Europe trip, to know if I can do my practicum at the CRC, and just to see what my life is going to look like in the near future. I guess I have to agree with Tom Petty, and say that “The Waiting is the Hardest Part.”

 A photo taken in my back yard in Spokane of an unripe blackberry bush.

A photo taken in my back yard in Spokane of an unripe blackberry bush